The Industry organized a women’s summit in Aysen, in the south of Chile

Nearly a hundred women gathered in the city of Puerto Aysén to discuss topics related to female entrepreneurship and women’s social and economic development. Carmen Gloria Arroyo, (the television personality known as “La Jueza”) led this intimate encounter that was attended by the Chilean government’s regional representative Geoconda Navarrete.

On Saturday, June 29, in the city of Puerto Aysén, an unprecedented “Aysén Women’s Summit” was held, where women from all over the region gathered in the Rodeo Club room to share experiences in entrepreneurship and women’s social and economic development.

This event was highlighted with the presence of the Chilean government’s regional representative Geoconda Navarrete who thanked the salmon industry for their important initiative and commented: “We have been invited by SalmonChile to participate in this activity and want to join this public and private alliance to help generate more opportunities for our women from Aysen to have the possibility to acquire greater autonomy and thus strengthen the work of the female entrepreneur amongst her other many roles. We hope this will be the kickoff for many other activities of this style.”

Likewise, Carmen Gloria Arroyo, (the television celebrity known as “La Jueza”), added: “I assume my role as a public figure with tremendous responsibility and pride. My idea is always to go out on the street and try to tell all my followers of my experience and thus helping others achieve their goals and get ahead in their lives because one’s individual story can be very similar to that of another who went through the same thing and then found hope. Private companies have an important role in corporate social responsibility and addressing the issues at hand is very pertinent and very helpful. ”

Hernán Rebolledo, representative of SalmonChile in Aysen commented: “We are very happy with the success of today’s summit — the first to be held in Puerto Aysen and coordinated with the government’s regional representative just as other encounters which have taken place in other regions of the country. Today, thanks to the support of the Municipality and the regional governmental authority, we have been successful in bring together almost one hundred women from the region who share the same dreams. We hope this activity is just the beginning of many others for the region. ”

During the day there was an open discussion for all of the participants led by three local community leaders: Patricia Gallegos, owner of the Restaurant El Mesón de la Patiko, Lorena Pladellorens, owner of the tourist complex La Pancha, and Mónica Montecinos Human Resources Manager for Frio Sur companies.