Salmón de Chile - O sabor mais austral do mundo
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A Taste of the Southern Ocean

We are Salmón de Chile, the secret of the most southern country in the world. Where the unique conditions of the sea, the Andes mountain range, the winds and the rain, and our people all transform into the perfect conditions for salmon. Conditions which allow us to deliver a unique protein to the world: versatile, tasty, nutritious, healthy and easy to prepare.

Look for our quality brand

Salmón de Chile is represented in the different markets through its distinctive logotype, which represents the quality and freshness of this unique product in the world.

Prefer Salmón de Chile. For every occasion, from ordering in your favorite restaurant or buying it to prepare at home, prefer Chilean salmon for you and your loved ones.

The Humboldt Current

The Humboldt Current provides cold and pure waters - 0,1% of the total oceans - unique due to its low salinity and high levels of oxygen, which enrich the quality of the salmon that reaches your table.

Here is where our Salmon Grows

Our southern ocean, rich in nutrients, allows the creation of algae which feed small fish and complete the food chain for all the ocean´s inhabitants.

The mountain range which protects us

Thousands of kilometers separate Chile from the continent, with pure waters that flow from the snow and glaciers and keep the perfect temperature for our salmon.

The Antarctic glaciers

The largest natural reserve of fresh water in the world, a unique origin due to its nutrient content of the waters of the South Pacific.

Recipes with a Southern Taste

Important: A person should consume 1gr of Omega 3 a day. You can obtain this healthy fat in any of the preparations you choose with Salmón de Chile, and in doing so, you are caring about your health and obtaining a fountain of youth!
(Português) Salmón de Chile ao molho dill com batata sauté
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Tapioca canapé with Salmón de Chile
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Salmón de Chile and Palm Bar-B-Cue
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Salmón de Chile risotto
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Salmón de Chile Teppan with vegetables
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Salmón de Chile also forms part of the ¨Chile Keeps on Going¨ campaign

Learn all about Industry Sustainability, in the 2018 report

Learn all about the Chilean Salmon Industry, visit its website.

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