Salmón de Chile also forms part of the ¨Chile Keeps on Going¨ campaign

The food export sectors from Chile, ProChile and Marca Chile have joined to produce a campaign together, which is now viewable in digital and social media in Brazil, the US and China. The campaign aims to promote our main exports to the world and to communicate the effort Chile has made to ensure quality and to keep on delivering during the pandemia.

“Chile Keeps On Going for You”, the global campaign which aims to re-enforce the commitment of our country to continue exporting quality and delivering

ProChile, the main export sectors of Chile and the Fundación Imagen de Chile have coordinated the first global campaign together. ¨Chile Keeps On Going For You¨ aims to re-enforce our country´s commitment to delivering quality and safety in all our food exports during and post pandemia. The campaign will be viewed in three global markets: Brazil, the US and China.

Santiago, August 2020.

Prochile invited the main export sectors of the country and the Fundación Imagen de Chile to develop the first private and public global campaign for digital and social media. The objective is to communicate Chile´s commitment towards maintaining the supply chain and ensuring the quality of their products throughout the pandemia.

Uncertainty has been one of the major side effects of coronavirus. Chile has continued working, producing and exporting food safely albeit the impact of the pandemia in all our daily lives and within the context of the global sanitary crisis. This is the message our country wants to transmit to the world through the digital campaign ¨ Chile Keeps on Going For You”. The campaign has also been the result of a successful team work between PcoChile, the Fundación Imagen de Chile and the main food export sectors: Asoex, Wines of Chile, Salmón de Chile, ChileCarne, FaenaCar, Chile Prunes, Chile Oliva and ExporLac, all of which are looking to communicate the image of a quality and reliable global supplier and to transmit the resilience of our people.

“We want to tell the world that Chile has continued to satisfy the necessities of the global population. Effectively, our industries and supply chains have maintained active during all these months, fulfilling all the necessary security protocols and global commitments, and concerned with maintaining the standards and the trust of importers and end consumers. We have joined together in this team effort between public and private sectors to tell the world that Chile Keeps on Going”, explains Jorge O’Ryan, General Director of ProChile, a public entity in charge of the promotion of exports of products and services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He adds that the development of this joint effort between public and private sectors is crucial for the country. “We have to keep on promoting the development of foreign trade, which represents 56% of Gross Domestic Product and generates 3 million employments, incomes which are key to the reactivation of our country”.

A great part of the main export promotional activities were canceled because of the global sanitary crisis. ProChile constantly monitors the main global export markets through their various Commercial Offices around the world. With this feedback and that of the main export sectors, ProChile detected the necessity of supporting importers in different markets in promoting and communicating our export attributes.

This is how the idea of developing the campaign “Chile Keeps On Going For You” began. The general objective was to contribute to the positioning of Chile in the global scenery and enabling the end consumer around the world to chose Chilean products and services safely. “Chile is known around the world for its reliability, responsibility and commitment. Chile has built this reputation for years and we must keep on doing so. This campaign seeks to communicate one unified message from all the different sectors, underlying the fact that we are a reliable country of origin, we are open to the world and that we put our talent into delivering quality products. We are a healthy supplier of food to the world and it is key that we promote our product made in Chile, for the reactivation of our economy”, assures Constanza Cea, Executive Director of Imagen de Chile. The campaign will link the visitors to a special landing in the site of to promote the country´s main attributes, its export supply and general knowledge of the country.

“Through this digital campaign, we seek to install three key messages about Chile and its relationship with consumers around the world: commitment, reliability and identity. In summary, to create a unified message which may generate trust in the country and in its local suppliers. Finally, another aspect we have to mention is that the campaign is a way to deliver our support in these complex circumstances, to people in Chile and around the world”, explains Ronald Bown, president of ASOEX.

¨It is key to reassure our consumers that Chile has kept and will keep on working towards delivering quality food to all markets, despite the complexities we have had to sort through this year. We know how important it is for our consumers to be able to receive quality and safe foods and we have made a huge effort to keep on delivering quality products with all the safety regulations and protocols. Specifically in salmon production, we are strongly committed to a safe and reliable delivery of our exports ¨, indicates Arturo Clement, President of the SalmonChile Association.

Aurelio Montes, President of Wines of Chile adds “in current times it is crucial for our country to deliver a message of commitment and optimism to consumers of our products around the world. We wanted to join this digital campaign as a way to ratify the world that we are still standing, with strength and passion to continue growing as a country, its people and its products. We want to contribute as a sector to the reactivation of Chile and the building of a brand that may reflect the commitment, sustainability and quality of everything made in Chile”.

Juan Carlos Domínguez, President of ChileCarne, says, “Since Chile is open to the world, its exports have been the motor of the development of the food sectors in the country. To incentivize the consumption of our products in the main markets of destiny will allow us to recover growth and continue contributing to the development of Chile and its people”.

Chile delivers to the world

This digital campaign will be exhibited during the month of August in the main cities of the US, Brazil and in China, with an approximate duration of four weeks.

Two audiovisual pieces will be communicated, with a variety of formats depending on the platform and media in each case. One of the videos is a more emotional and human tone and the other is more focused on the export sectors and their products, showing the work that has been done to contribute to the supply chain both locally and globally. The videos will be communicated in the main digital and social platforms in the US, Brazil and China, each in the corresponding language and with the necessary local adjustments in order to transmit effective messages in each market.

The creative concept was created by the Porta Agency in Chile. And the communication of the campaign in each market is implemented by the following agencies: 829 in the US, Zoegas in Brazil and PLTFM in China.

The development and implementation of this digital campaign resulted in a total investment US $ 300 thou dollars, invested manly by private sectors who will also amplify the campaign through their own social media in target markets.

Campaign video: