Antibiotic use is reduced in the industry

An important goal for us is to improve the health of fish and animal welfare day by day. As in any animal production process, confronting the most diverse types of diseases is something inherent in the production process; and it is also a clear reality in the Salmon Industry in Chile and as well as in other countries producing similar products.

Antibiotics are prescribed by veterinary doctors specializing in aquaculture in the fight against bacterial diseases. In Chile, antibiotics are used to control the bacteria which causes the disease known as SRS (Salmon Rickettsial Syndrome), endemic to Chile and practically absent in other salmon producing countries.

The control of the use of antibiotics by veterinary doctors and the governmental authority, benefits health wise the fish population as well as protecting the animal’s wellbeing. This use complies with market controls and safety regulation standards as determined in the more than 70 markets where salmon is consumed, including our own country.

The antibiotic use dosage expresses the number of grams of a given antibiotics that was used to fight a disease in a universe of 1,000 kilos of harvested salmon.

The industry is currently working on a strategic plan that would improve the relationship with the various local players, bettering the quality of information regarding the operational process, as well as determining with the communities certain measurement goals in different key areas for our activity.

The indicator corresponds to the total number of concrete actions that a company executes in benefit of the development of the community (s) where it operates.