The most important cuts

Medallion Steak Cut
This cut is recommended for the high loin part and the belly of the salmon. To obtain a piece of approximately 150/200 gm., make a vertical cross section of 2-3 fingers thick. This cut can be cooked with the skin if the scales have been well removed beforehand. If this is not the case, remove the skin beforehand.
Butterfly Cut
This cut is recommended for the high spine part and the belly or stomach of the fish. Cut a piece of salmon medallion steak twice the desired width and then cut transversally through the center without cutting through the skin on the far side, using the uncut skin as an element of union. We then “open” the medallion and form the butterfly.
Tips for cuts that require skin removal:
Wet the knife so that the knife does not stick when separating the skin from the meat.
Do not cut with the knife but pull the skin leaving the knife fixed.
Cut Fillet Steak:
This cut is recommended for the center of the salmon and the tail.
This transversal cut is always made without the skin. Cut the fish in half and then cut 2 or 3 fillets depending on the thickness of the piece.
Tacos Cut:
This cut is recommended for the center of the piece and the tail. Make cross section cuts, to obtain salmon strips. Cut these into taco strips, diced or into desired sizes.
Hash Cut:
Tip: To take advantage of the meat that remains between the bones of the central spine, scrape with a spoon and remove the meat. This meat can also be chopped into small pieces.