How to preserve salmon?

Marinated Salmon

Sometimes there are things that might seem obvious but are not always so. One day you find out something completely new and think “Why didn´t I think of that before?” This is why we want to share a secret with you.
The first secret is how to marinate salmon. Leave it 24 hours in the refrigerator, well covered with a mixture of salt and sugar (1 part sugar to 2 parts coarse salt) to which you can add dill or thyme or lemon zest … something for everyone’s taste. Preferably cover with plastic wrap so it does not take on any other flavors that might be present in the fridge.

After 24 hours, remove the salmon from the seasoning, rinse well in water, and dry. And, now a culinary secret: cut the salmon into desired portions and then freeze them. This way the fish will last much longer than if it is conserved in oil and it can be defrosted as needed. It may seem trivial, but it’s really a great trick. Try it out!

Fresh salmon

Salmon is characterized by its black spots, bluish-gray back, and golden underside. The skin of the fish should have a bright sheen and the body should still retain some of its blood. One should have doubts when the color of the fish is pale. Preferably choose whole fish, even though you end up buying cleaned and sliced fish at the market. A large salmon (8 pounds or 3.6 kilos) is tenderer, and must be cooked very slowly. Salmon should not be over cooked and it is better a little bit raw when served.
Uncooked salmon can be stored in the refrigerator for about 3 days. Wood smoking is one of the oldest techniques for preserving fish. You can find more information about this technique at the web site: “”. Both fresh and smoked salmon can be frozen without any problem.

Smoked salmon

Salmon always should be refrigerated. It is best to consume the whole content of the package once it is opened.
Before serving smoked salmon and to make it tenderer, it is best to open the package that contains the fish at least one hour before.
To store the salmon once the container has been opened, it needs to be wrapped in foil and kept refrigerated. It will keep in perfect condition for no more than 3 days.