Fresh or frozen salmon … when to buy it?

Smell the fish. A mild smell of the sea is normal, but fresh salmon should not have a strong fishy smell.
The meat must be firm and have a bright and shiny appearance. If the meat is broken into pieces, or seems to be heavy, then it is not fresh.

Rub the fish scales. If the scales easily fall off, the fish is not fresh.

Look at the color of the gills – located just behind the head – if it is a whole fish. The gills should have a deep red or pink color. If the gills have been cut or have a pale color, it is better not to buy the product.
Look into the eyes if it is a whole fish. The eyes should be bright and clear. If they are cloudy and sunken, then the salmon is not fresh.

Today, modern conservation techniques used to freeze fish and the speed of transportation of the product, guarantees fresh fish for a longer period of time, and assures optimal conditions of both freshness and hygiene when the product is consumed.