Recommendations for cooking Chilean Salmon

In order to fully enjoy the salmon’s tasty texture, its juicy meat and its delicate and intense flavor, there is only one secret: do not overcook it. The recommended cooking time varies depending on the type of preparation.
– Grilled or barbecued salmon: cook the fish just one minute on each side of the steak, or three minutes for the medallion cut, since they are somewhat thicker.
– Baked salmon: in a pre-heated oven, five minutes of cooking is enough to get a juicy dish full of flavor, especially if it is accompanied by potatoes and mixed seasonal vegetables.
-In addition, the pink color of its meat always brings a cheerful touch to any dish with which it is made.
Salmon can be easily integrated into typical Brazilian culinary dishes, anything from salmon skewers with pepper to a rich Vatapá. It is perfect in salads, or when served with vegetables and a fish broth in a rice based stew or when breaded and deep fried. Fresh salmon adapts itself to our palate and our habits as though it has been with us for thousands of years. And that is not to mention the classic “tapas”, which infinitely multiply the possible uses of salmon (whether fresh or smoked).